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Dead Man
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Emerging from the dank clubs and bars of Seattle, Dead Man, lit the fuse on their filthy blues explosion with an undeniable fervor. The Duo, merges Lucas' muddy originals and road seasoned chord progressions with Twotwoone Nelson's pounding of Primal drums. This blues punk machine gets the ground moving and the crowd to beg, scream and shout. Lucas' heavy slide guitar is not known for its gracefulness as it rips down to your very soul. His growling vocals tell the tales of a life lived all wrong. Sharing stages with the likes of Dave Gonzolez and the Stone River Boys, Eddie Spaghetti of the Supersuckers, Slim Cessnas Auto Club, Slim Jim Phantom, Dick Dale, and the legendary Sonics!, this duo can hold their own with any band. Leaving one to question "how does all that sound come out of just two guys"!
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"Filthy Blues" by Dead Man
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